Zero Discrimination Day

Mar 1, 2022 | Anti-racist Journey

On March 1st we celebrate #zerodiscriminationday to promote equality before the law and in everyday life.

What is Discrimination?

Being prejudiced towards a person or group based on characteristics such as race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, weight, and disability. Discrimination typically stems from conscious or unconscious bias, ignorance, fear, or misunderstanding.

Actions Against Discrimination

Listen and Educate Yourself:

Educate yourself on the experiences of discriminated people by reading books or articles, listening to podcasts, watching documentaries or films, or listening to friends or coworkers.

Raise Awareness:

Share the resources you found in your learn and educate journey with your community.

Challenge Everyday Discrimination:

If you witness discrimination intervene or privately approach the discriminator to point out their discriminatory behaviour. Remind them everyone has a right to dignity and encourage them to listen and educate themselves on discriminated peoples experiences.

Report Discriminatory Behaviour:

If you see discriminatory behaviour report it to someone of authority like a manager or administrator.

Share Your Story:

If you feel safe and empowered to do so, share your story with others so they can understand discrimination from the discriminated persons perspective.

Amplify the Voices of Discriminated People:

Rather than speaking on the behalf of discriminated people, amplify the voices of those people.