We have monthly events where we select a topic of discussion and provide a platform for BIPOC guest speakers who have direct experience with the topic.

Upcoming Events

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Past Events

If you couldn’t make our past events but want to know what was discussed, you’re in luck! All of our past discussion-based events are summarized for you to view.

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I really enjoyed every minute of the forum I attended this past Sunday! Thank you for hosting such an insightful and relevant event in a welcoming way! I hope to attend future events – as a participant or a volunteer – and will try to stay connected with those I met that day 🙂

The BIPOC Lens

I really want to tell you big big thank you for today’s event 😍
It’s like a new breath, I feel very excited about everything that happened, and I would love to attend any event that you would create 100%.

Hug you all, you are the best team

The BIPOC Lens

Thank you @bipoctalkyxe for such a fun, informative and pleasurable day! I would like to give a shout out to the speakers. You were all motivational in so many levels. Such a revealing and special day for this newcomer. I hope the community of BIPOC will only grow more and more beautiful. May we unite instead of divide! Love and light to all whom I met this day! 👽💙🦄🍃

Angie T.
The BIPOC Lens


What is a typical panel discussion like?

Our discussions are popcorn style and casual.  We invite panel speakers to discuss a topic they are experienced in. We aim to create an environement where all voices are heard. We achieve this by encouraging attendees to ask questions and share their personal experiences.

Are your events virtual or in-person?

Currently all of our discussions have been virtual. We hope to start having in-person events in the future.

How many panel speakers are invited to each event?

On average we have 3-4 panel speakers at each event.

If you’re interested in being a panel speaker, submit an application

How long do your live panel discussions last?

Our panel discussions last 1 hour – 1 1/2 hours.