Black Resilience

Notable Stats

Despite hardships in the workforce. Black individuals reported that they were generally satisfied with their jobs despite unfair treatment, more than their non-black counterparts.

The proportion of Black women with post-secondary education has increased over time from 50% to 70% from 2001 to 2016.

Black women have the lowest suicide rate.

The Discussion

A member pointed out that some folks may misinterpret resilience in Black folks as proof that there are no equity struggles and therefore minimize their resilience.

Responses to where members’ resilience came from varied:

  • Integration into society
  • Intergenerational
  • Pressure to take care of family

Many members said their immigrant parents instilled resilience in them. They have a drive to succeed because they want to show their parents that their efforts to facilitate their success were worthless.

Individuals recognized that one’s financial status may play a role in how resilient one is. They questioned if having money decreased the need to be resilient.

A member asked the group if they resented the pressure they experienced to become successful.

Members’ answers varied:

  • Some individuals resented their career options were limited to careers that were seen as successful (doctor, lawyer, engineer)
  • In contrast, resentment was not felt amongst individuals who didn’t feel pressured to pick certain careers.

A member explained that their resilience came from believing in themselves, knowing their strengths, finding internal strength, accountability, and finding the motivation to keep going.


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